Play by Lisa Schlesinger (

Iphigenia Point Blank, Story of the first Refugee is adapted from Euripides’ Iphigenia plays and ancient Greek laments from the Trojan War epics. The play follows Iphigenia, the first refugee depicted in western drama, and other women and children, through 2500 years of history and across contemporary war zones to interrogate the current refugee crisis and change the ending of her story.


Iphigenia, a 15 year old girl
Agamemnon, Iphigenia’s father, a general, a tyrant
Clyde (Clytemnestra), Iphigenia’s Mother, the general’s wife
Wind, a chain smoker
Orestes, the ghost of Iphigenia’s brother
A Deer

Chorus of: soldiers, bridesmaids, women , voices from under the Sea

Time: The beginning of the 21st Century, the Trojan War
Place: Various locations near the Mediterranean Sea; Lesvos, a landing place

Read a sample:Iphigenia-act1